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Ethyl alcohol

Ethyl alcohol

The ethyl alcohol we offer is produced at the "Goświnowice" Ethanol Production Plant owned by BIOAGRA S.A., located in Głębinów near Nysa.

The scope of our commercial activities includes trade within fuel grade and PCK grade dehydrated alcohol, ethyl alcohol of technical and food grades, distillate of agricultural origin and other types of ethyl alcohol.

Our production range includes:

Dehydrated alcohol

The product complies with the most strict quality standards as required by the Polish legislation and European Union regulations. The product has received an ISCC-EU certificate, which confirms that our ethanol production conforms with the principles of sustainable development.

Our ethanol is used mainly for fuel purposes (bioethanol) as it complies with PN-EN-15376 standard, the Regulation of the Minister of Economy of 14 May 2015 amending the regulation on quality requirements for biocomponents, methods of biocomponent quality testing, biocomponent sampling and customer requirements.

The ethanol was also awarded a quality certificate required under the Act of 25 August 2006 on biocomponents and liquid biofuels.

Dehydrated alcohol can also be used as a raw material for the production of windscreen washer fluids and other chemical products. For these applications, the alcohol features improved quality parameters. It is offered as the so-called PCK grade product.

Technical grade alcohol

Ethyl alcohol with high physical and chemical parameters used in household chemicals, paints, varnishes and solvents, cosmetic industry, chemical laboratories, chemical industry, car care products - also, as a raw material for a windscreen washer manufacture.

Food grade alcohol

A product with high chemical purity and sensory qualities that meets quality standards of both local and EU regulations, as well as stringent customer requirements regarding its use for food purposes. This product is also used in pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. The production process is monitored under HACCP system.

The manufacturer implemented certified management systems regarding:

  • quality: ISO 9001,
  • environment: ISO 14001,
  • OHS: OHSAS 18001.

The ethanol is registered in REACH under number: 01-2119457610-43-0031. “Goświnowice” Ethanol Production Plant possesses infrastructure necessary for denaturing the above mentioned types of ethyl alcohol in accordance with customer requirements.

Methyl esters

Methyl esters

Methyl esters are produced at the BIOAGRA-OIL S.A. plant based in Tychy. During the methyl ester production process we use best raw materials, thanks to which we manufacture top quality products that meet the requirements of both Polish and European standards.

The production of methyl esters is performed in accordance with the standards of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS, as well as OHSAS 18001 and ISCC-EU standard.

We invite companies interested in trading with methyl esters of higher fatty acids:

  • RME
  • FAME

Methyl esters can also be used as a biocomponent of diesel oil, or B100 pure fuel for diesel engine vehicles. It must be emphasised that methyl esters provide a low level of greenhouse gas emissions from diesel engines, i.e. the gases responsible for adverse climate changes. B100 can be used for diesel engines, in particular in:

  • cars and trucks;
  • buses;
  • tractors and agricultural machinery;
  • other machinery and devices.

Additionally, methyl esters can be used in oleochemical industry as a raw material for other products.



At the production plant of BIOAGRA-OIL S.A is located in Tychy, we produce:

  • Distilled glycerine I grade - the quality according to EU Pharmacopeia, 8 th Edition
  • Distilled glycerine E 422 for food applications
  • Distilled glycerine for feed materials
  • Glycerine II grade

The 1st grade glycerine is produced through multistage treatment, distillation and rectification of crude glycerine, which is a by-product of transesterification of vegetable oils.

Our glycerine is produced from 100% rapeseed oil pressed out from non-genetically modified rapeseeds (NON-GMO). The production of glycerine is performed in accordance with the standards of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and GMP+B2 system including HACCP elements, as well as meet the requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia (EU Ph 8.0.).

We welcome any business partners interested in trading cooperation regarding to glycerine of pharmaceutical and technical quality. Applications of glycerin:

  • manufacture of household chemicals, explosives, exploitation fluids, paints, varnishes, solvents;
  • polyols production;
  • cosmetics industry;
  • food industry – food additive (E-422);
  • feed material.
Rapeseed oil

Food grade refined rapeseed oil

Our top quality food grade rapeseed oil is produced by Komagra Co. Ltd. at the Vegetable Oil Plant located in Tychy. It is produced exclusively from rapeseed delivered by Polish farmers in conformity with the most strict quality standards in accordance with BRC/IFS, GMP+, OHSAS 18001, HACCP, SEDEX and ISCC.

Parameters of our oil include:

  • high smoke point (over 240 °C) - the product is perfect for frying and roasting;
  • high flash point (over 300 °C) - the product is perfect for thermal processing of various food products on an industrial scale;
  • a ratio of Omega-6 and Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids which is perfect for a balanced diet;
  • highest palatability score awarded by independent research laboratories.

In B2B relations we offer oil:

  • in bulk in tank trucks;
  • in 1m3 pallet containers.

Rapeseed oil - the “Olej Rzepakowy Polski” brand

Our refined rapeseed oil is designed both for individual consumers and customers from the HORECA segment. It is sold under the "Olej Rzepakowy Polski” brand and is available in the following packaging:

  • Olej Rzepakowy Polski in 1 litre PET bottles,
  • Olej Rzepakowy Polski in 3 litre PET bottles,
  • Olej Rzepakowy Polski in 5 litre PET bottles.

Olej Rzepakowy Polski falls within the PREMIUM segment of edible vegetable oils. It is highly valued by both individual customers and professionals.

It is perfect for cooking - both for thermal processing and as an ingredient in salads, sauces, dips, etc. The oil is produced exclusively from Polish rapeseed, which ensures its highest possible quality, and as such it is indispensable for a healthy diet.

The quality of the product has been confirmed by the Q (top quality) marking granted by Polish Centre for Research and Certification.

Fodder components

Rapeseed extraction meal

Rapeseed extraction meal is produced by Komagra Co. Ltd. at the Vegetable Oil Plant located in Tychy.

It is obtained in the rapeseed oil pressing process from the rapeseeds with low content of erucic acid. The final product is obtained as a result of oil extraction from the rapeseed cake (using organic solvents, mainly hexane).

Our rapeseed extraction meal is a non-GMO product and is free of Salmonella bacillus. The highest end product safety level is ensured by the GMP+ system.

Due to high protein content, rapeseed meal is a fully nutritious component of livestock fodder. The product is mainly used as an ingredient in fodder mixtures for ruminants, swine and poultry.

DDGS (Dried Distillers Grain with Solubles)

Our DDGS is produced at the "Goświnowice" Ethanol Production Plant owned by BIOAGRA S.A., located in Głębinów near Nysa.

DDGS is produced by applying physical factors to distiller’s corn grain in the following processes: separation in decanters, thickening in evaporators and low-temperature drying. As a result, top-quality protein fodder material is obtained.

High quality of the DDGS we produce is ensured by the fact that the production process complies with the rules provided under GMP+B2; HACCAP; ISO 9001; ISO 14001 and ISO 18001. Our DDGS is produced in compliance with the GMO FREE standard.

Corn DDGS is directly used for feeding beef and dairy cattle breeds, and as a TMR (total mixed ratio) fodder additive. Due to high by-pass protein content, feeding dairy cows with DDGS translates directly into a high protein level in milk.

DDGS is successfully used for feeding all poultry breeds, with particular reference to laying hens. The content of natural carotenoids in DDGS is beneficial for the proper yoke colour, whereas fat provides a rich and natural source of energy.

DDGS is also used for feeding swine in all production groups, except the youngest pigs.

Corn DDGS is available in bulk as powder or in pellet. Granulated DDGS can also be available in 1 tonne capacity big bags.

WDGS (Wet Distillers Grains with Solubles)

Our wet fodder cake is produced at the "Goświnowice" Ethanol Production Plant owned by BIOAGRA S.A., located in Głębinów near Nysa. The product is obtained by mechanical treatment of corn stillage, i.e. separation in decanters. This process results in an increase of dry matter content of stillage from 15% to 35%, with total protein content increased up to 35% in dry matter.

Our wet fodder cake is produced in compliance with procedures required by the applied GMP+B2; HACCAP; ISO 9001; ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certificates.

Wet fodder cake is a ready-made protein component for TMR feeding of dairy and beef cattle breeds and other ruminants. High by-pass protein content has a direct influence on the protein content in milk and promotes high meat content in carcasses. Under sterile conditions, wet fodder cake easily undergoes natural silaging processes (in prisms covered with plastic, in plastic tubes and in ballots), which extents fodder shelf-life even up to 6 months.

Wet fodder cake is also applied as a protein component in the feed formulas in liquid feeding systems for swine.

CCDS (Concentrated Corn Distillers Syrup)

Our CCDS is mostly used as base of so-called “soup” in liquid feeding system for pigs; it is reach source of protein CCDS also improve palatability of ready to use liquid feed.

Our fodder syrup is produced at the "Goświnowice" Ethanol Production Plant owned by BIOAGRA S.A., located in Głębinów near Nysa.

Our fodder syrup is produced from thin stillage by low-temperature thickening in vacuum evaporators. During this process, dry matter content increases from 7% to 28-30%. Once the process is completed, the total protein level increases to approx. 18% in dry matter.

The fodder syrup production process is carried out in compliance with the regime established by the GMP+B2, HACCAP, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certificates.

Fodder syrup is applied as a tasty liquid protein component in the feed dose for all age groups in the liquid feeding system used for swine. It can also be successfully used as an additive to prevent excessive drying of TMR-type fodders on feed tables or as a drink mixture for cattle.

Crude corn oil

Our crude corn oil is produced at the "Goświnowice" Ethanol Production Plant owned by BIOAGRA S.A., located in Głębinów near Nysa. It is obtained by processing corn into ethanol using the so-called corn syrup by means of separation in a disk-type centrifuge. High and repeatable quality can be guaranteed by the vacuum dryer installed on the production line, ensuring the minimum water content and the maximum fat content in the product.

Our corn oil is produced in accordance with procedures and certificates of systems such as GMP+B2; HACCAP, ISO 9001; ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

Corn oil is mainly applied as a source of energy for feeding monogastric animals, particularly poultry. High content of natural carotenoids has a favourable impact on proper egg yolk colour. Adding 1% of the oil to TMR fodders reduces dusting in livestock buildings. Corn oil is sold in bulk.

Raw materials

Raw materials for methyl ester production

We welcome any business partners interested in providing us with sustainable raw materials for methyl ester production - such as:

  • vegetable oils, especially crude, hydrogenated, refined rapeseed oil,
  • vegetable fatty acids,
  • animal fats;
  • used cooking oils.

Our priority is to provide our customers with the highest quality methyl esters.

That is why we are focused on the quality of our raw materials - it is monitored on an ongoing basis at our laboratory in Tychy, equipped with state-of-the-art instruments.


We operate our own, GMP+ certified dump trucks for transport of bulk products such as grains (wheat, corn, rapeseed), rapeseed meal, DDGS. We also posses a fleet of rail and road tankers for transport of 3rd class hazardous materials - such as ethanol (UN1170) - and other liquid goods: methyl esters, rapeseed oil, glycerine.

We provide advisory and shipping services with regard to domestic and international transport of raw materials for production (corn, wheat, rapeseed etc.) and of finished products (DDGS, rapeseed meal, granulated wheat bran, fuel, technical and food grade ethanol, methyl esters: RME and FAME, rapeseed oil, corn oil, glycerine, etc.). Additionally, we offer shipping of bulk products (by dump trucks) by our own means of transport.

Our Department of Logistics is located at our office in Koprki near Warsaw from where we supervise logistic issues and handle external transport, shipping and transport orders.

Notification of deliveries:

BZK Department of Logistics

tel.: +48 22 53 29 888

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